Way Back

At some point in our life we’ll realize how we have loved so genuinely way back in our younger days. Here are some things i thought of:

1. Cuddling feels more orgasmic than sex.

2. You don’t need to worry how much you make for a living or what career you have.

3. No complications in life, seems like everything is perfect.

4. Every kiss is precious, every hug is heart warming.

5. You don’t even need a car or a deep pocket.

6. Looking at her/him like you’ve seen an angel and makes your heart skip a beat.

7. Those hands that feels like a pillow that warms your inner being that you can’t let go of holding.


Random thoughts.


Happy Birthday Tatay(Dad)

I bought a card for my dad since he almost have everything he needs. Since I really can’t think of any gift that he would like, I asked myself what would be more meaningful than a shirt or a watch that would be given to him, then I thought of a card, It’s been a while since I myself received a card for my birthday. I guess It’s more sentimental and heart warming to receive a card and read hand written message from someone special. Perhaps it’s not the price that counts in gifts but how you exerted an effort on giving one.  Anyways, I hope my tatay(dad) show some smirk or whatever once he sees it.


“Law of giving:

Learn to give to others without expecting in return, karma does the rest.”

The View Far Away

It’s been months since i was passing by buildings on my way to work, i never really tend to look way up high to see how the buildings i passed by looked in it’s whole and so does the other people aswell. One time i tried to walk the same path but on the other side of the street to see and appreciate it’s architecture and it was magnificent, i didn’t even noticed that the two buildings were connected  to each other and then i realized about relationships. Maybe we really sometimes need to be at distant to appreciate what we  have. Distance gives us a moment to reflect and say “i didn’t see that!”.  I guess that is where the saying goes, “you’ll never know what you have until you loose it”.


I have been re-reading this book for quite a while, and it really keeps me in my sanity. I’m currently at 4th Law and still flipping pages. I’m not good at making reviews about books though, maybe once i get to finish I’d give it a run. Furthermore, i’d like to share with you what I have learned about this book so far, it tells me that we must learn to avoid judging others, i know it’s like a basic thing but how often do you really apply it to your own self? Seriously, how you suddenly just  judge a person or a couple or a group of people based on how they look or merely how they talk? It’s these simple things that we, and I, should disregard. We all had years of “Training” with Good Manners and Right Conduct but how often do we even still apply them? So i challenge you to have a single day and tell yourself “I’m not going to judge others today” and of course do the talking.



“If you can love someone with your whole heart, even one person,then there’s salvation in life. Even if you  can’t get together with that person.”

-Haruki Murakami


So yeah, thought i’d share a video of  Terry Crews playing music with his muscles. If you think this is cool, check out Esta’s remix version of it below, wait for the half part of the song and get eargasm of how he suddenly transitions the beat from awesome to way more awesome.

If you’d like to hear more of Esta’s beat, check out his page on Sound Cloud.

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Love Always, Charlie

The perks of being a wallflower

currently the book i am reading, i accidentally knew about it from listening to “The Smiths”, i was a fan of their song entitled “Asleep”, and just when i wanted to look it up on youtube, a top comment displays “Love Always, Charlie” so then i searched ang googled and all and found this. Worth reading i must say, and by the way there’s a movie coming up based on this book and emma watson’s playing Sam. Have i said the book is worth reading already?

Blogging Attempt

It’s been years since i contemplated on creating my own blog, so now, here it goes. I really don’t know what to tell about or rather blog about, so i figured why not share my transient ideas that just poofs out of nowhere, or share a music i currently listen to. Perhaps someone would stumble feeling jolly or melancholy can relate to and say, “hey, i’m feeling like a turtle on a swing”, whatever that is. meh!